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Information: Do you have a pair of shoes that are damaged but too nice to just throw out? Do you have some shoes that need a little bit of love and you aren’t sure where to take them? Well we have just the store for you; Jack’s Shoe Services in downtown San Francisco. At Jack’s Shoe Services, we specialize in repairing a wide variety of both men’s and women’s shoes. We can also do hand bag repairs, shoe dying, shining and conditioning and even installing protective soles. We really are a one-stop shop for all of yourshoe repair needs, so come on down and check out our store.

Jack’s Shoe Services has been in business since 1950, and has had the same owner since 1971, so it’s pretty safe to say that we know what we are doing. When you bring your shoes to Jack’s, you are getting the kind of exceptional service and attention to detail that you would come to expect from a company that has been doing this as long as we have. We deliver the results you want, and we have been doing so consistently for the better part of 60 years. If you want to make sure your shoe repair gets done properly, there is only one place you should be bringing those shoes of yours; Jack’s Shoe Services.

Here at Jack’s, we understand the importance of having great customer service, in addition to a consistently high standard of work. That is why our staff members are committed to giving each customer the very best customer service with a helpful smile on their faces. Our repairmen are also phenomenal, many of them having well over 15 years of experience working right here at our store. Jack’s gives you the kind of service and reliable quality that you simply cannot get from another repair shop. We have the experience, we have the tools, and we have the service; bring your shoes to Jack’s and we will show you why we are the best in the business!


Established in 1950.
Since the business was established in 1950, it has only changed hands once, and due to this, we have a very deep understanding of a wide variety of products, and can cater to our clients needs most effectively.

Meet the Business Owner

Setrak S.
Business Owner

Hello! I’ve been in the shoe repair industry since 1971, and have seen and repaired wide styles of shoes.
I took over as the owner of the business in 1971, and have been operating the shop ever since!
Thanks for stopping by – please let us know how we can help!

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