Womens Comfort Walking Shoes

We have a large selection of women’s comfort walking shoes at our down town store in San Francisco.  We offer great prices on a huge variety of Women’s brand name comfort walking shoes.

Not necessarily in the market for shoe restoration? Perhaps instead of restoration you just need some modification? Are you looking to make a current pair of your shoes a bit more comfortable with some added specialty soles? Well if you are looking to make your shoes feel a bit better, or are in the market for somecomfort shoes, Jack’s Shoe Services has that as well. Jack’s offers a variety of shoe sole additions and women’s comfort walking shoes at affordable and agreeable prices. We strive to offer our customers the best selection of shoe related merchandise, so that you only have to make one stop when you need something!

At Jack’s Shoe Services, we understand the importance of good pricing. Even a great service can be a little underwhelming if your customers feel they are overpaying for it. That is why we offer such fantastic services at a price that won’t make your wallet want to sit down and have a long discussion with you. Part of having good customer service is making sure your prices are competitive; it is our way of telling our customers that we appreciate them. We strive to always make our prices as competitive and fair as possible, our customers deserve it. We are committed to ensuring the complete satisfaction of each and every one of our clients, with every aspect of the service they receive from us.

So if you are in the market for comfort shoes, or you just need to make your current shoes slightly more comfortable; then bring them down to Jack’s Shoe Service and we will get you all squared away. Come down to the store today and see what we have to offer you. Don’t settle for a subpar service or high prices, come to Jack’s Shoe Services and get the treatment that you and your shoes deserve.

Here are some of the brands we offer










Soft Walk

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